Pizza Oven

Everyone knows you simply can’t beat freshly cooked pizza from a restaurant. But is that really true? When you own a pizza oven, you can make yourself delicious pizza in your own home!

It cooks more than just pizza!

You might not realise this, but a pizza oven isn’t just for pizza. You can also cook many of your favourite dishes, including hamburgers, chicken kebabs and sausages. A pizza oven can even handle vegetables without a problem! Not only does it have an oven but you also get a smart grill, which is so handy for cooking many different foods.

Transporting your pizza oven

You can separate the grill from the oven itself. So, if you’re going off camping, you can easily pack up your pizza oven and take it with you. It’s easy to fit into a car or other modes of transport and you can enjoy delightful food no matter where you go!

What other features does a pizza oven have?

You can use a pizza oven inside and outdoors too. Simply separate the grill from the oven and pop it on a table inside your house or cottage.

For those who love barbecued food and especially pizza, a pizza oven is your obvious choice!

Using a gas or a wood fired pizza oven

A gas fired oven will get going faster and will provide constant heat. A wood fired oven will take longer to be ready, but there is no match to the flavor it will add to your food. Chicago Brick Ovens can be used with both the Gas burner or with firewood. Having both options in the same oven cannot get any better than this!

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