There are many reasons to choose Ambiance.

This affordable luxury brand will look so chic in your home and you can choose from traditional to contemporary designs to fit in with your décor.

Furthermore, when you’re buying an Ambiance®  Fireplace, you’re investing in a money-saving and energy-efficient product. These fireplaces use the latest technological innovation to provide the best heating solution for your every room. Custom designs ensure you get a beautiful and original fireplace that will be a real focal point in your home. Also, you have the ultimate in comfort control with Ambiance® Fireplace technology.

Developed end designed from the advice of more than 100 fireplaces experts

As a brand, Ambiance has poured much research and development into their designs. Before starting, they questioned over 100 fireplace experts and retailers all over the world. Their goal was to answer two questions and incorporate these answers into their designs.

The first question they asked concerned the features and refinements that should be incorporated into each design. On a more personal level, the second question asked what changers each expert or retailer would make if a fireplace were to be installed in their own home.

Exclusives design features

The fireplace industry’s experts and retailers were keen to voice their thoughts and ideas. The reason for this is that they simply couldn’t find the design features they wanted in other fireplace brands. So, innovative Ambiance has successfully incorporated their answers into all their designs. When you buy Ambiance, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Pioneering burner technology gives a life-like bed of embers and realistic flames.
  • Logs are carved and painted by hand and look entirely natural and well-balanced within the fire compartment.
  • Innovative fire management technology means you can choose an “intermittent pilot” or “standing pilot” on your fire.
  • A clever remote gives you complete control of your fire at your fingertips. This includes the on/off function, fan speed and heat output. Also, you can adjust the lighting effect and room temperature via the thermostat.
  • Accent lighting adds a warm and original glow to your fireplace.
  • Finally, Ambiance® fires are tested and certified to comply with all North American safety standards such as ANSI and CSA.

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