• Electric Fireplaces

    Portable and maintenance-free, an electric fireplace uses the latest technology for a great fire any time, any place, anywhere!...

  • Fireplaces and Stoves Tools

    Your fireplace or stove isn’t complete without the right tools to make the most of it. They’re so much more than decorative items!...

  • Gas Fireplaces

    Gas fireplaces are clean, simple to use and efficient. Make sure an expert install it to safely enjoy the comfort it creates. Learn more!...

  • Gas Inserts

    Gas inserts are built-in to your existing masonry fireplace. Gas inserts prevent heat loss and offers superior energetic efficiency by 60% to 70%. Carbon monoxide detectors are necessary for your...

  • Gas Stove

    Gas stoves come in so many different designs and sizes with inspirational, contemporary and traditional products to choose from....

  • Pellet Inserts

    Pellet inserts offer advantages of other types of combustibles. Pellet inserts have the nice features of wood with less maintenance. They can be a bit noisy and will not work...

  • Pellet Stove

    Popular, environmentally-friendly pellet stoves give you radiant heat and economy not to mention effortless operation....

  • Wood Burning Fireplaces

    Become a loyal fan of wood burning stoves and appreciate the beauty, authenticity and low emissions of this true classic....

  • Wood Burning Stove

    With a beautiful, authentic wood stove, you can enjoy the same benefits as a wood burning fireplace while saving up to 80% in energy....

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